Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is a surgical procedure designed to correct deformities or irregularities in the shape or position of the ears. Otoplasty aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of the ears and restore self-confidence.
Proportionate ears: Otoplasty can correct prominent ears, cupped ears, or unfolded lobes. By adjusting the shape and position of the ears, the goal is to achieve a more balanced and proportionate look with the rest of the face.
Enhanced self-esteem: Many individuals who feel self-conscious about the appearance of their ears may experience low self-esteem or insecurity. Otoplasty offers an opportunity to improve self-confidence and feel more comfortable with one’s appearance.

Permanent results: Otoplasty provides permanent results as the modifications made to the shape and position of the ears are long-lasting. This means that once the surgery is completed, the aesthetic benefits are long-term.
Safe and effective procedure: Otoplasty is a safe and effective plastic surgery procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. The techniques used in this procedure have been refined over time to provide satisfactory results while minimizing risks.
Procedure Duration: Approximately 2 to 3 hours
Recovery Time: 7 to 14 days
Recommended Travel Time: 7 days after the surgery
Anesthesia: Local or General anesthesia.

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Was very nice meeting Dr. Van and Dr. Linda. Very smart and know his staff.

Explains you everything step by step and makes you feel comfortable.

Dr. VD Linde was very informative, he explained and helped me understand all the procedures, and was very comfortable with the results. I was very comfortable talking with him.

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