Dr. Patrick van der Linde

Dr. Patrick van der Linde

Dr. Patrick van der Linde

Reconstructive Plastic and General Surgery

Welcome to Aruba Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Clinic, where we proudly introduce Dr. Patrick Van der Linde, our latest addition to the team of expert surgeons. Nestled in the bustling Oranjestad of Aruba, our clinic stands as a beacon of transformative medical care, and with Dr. Van der Linde joining us, we elevate our commitment to excellence.

Meet Dr. Patrick Van der Linde:

A luminary in both Reconstructive Plastic and General Surgery, Dr. Van der Linde brings a rich tapestry of experience and a fervent zeal for enhancing lives through medical science. His expertise spans a broad spectrum of procedures, ensuring that every patient receives the highest quality of care.

Academic Excellence:

Dr. Van der Linde’s academic odyssey is a testament to his dedication and skill. He refined his expertise in Plastic Surgery at the esteemed Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, specializing in intricate procedures like Oncological Tumour Reconstruction and Nose Reconstruction. His medical journey also includes a tenure in General Surgery at Universidad del Rosário, Colombia, where he delved into Emergency and Gastrointestinal Surgery, among others.

World-Class Experience:

Dr. Van der Linde’s professional journey is dotted with notable stints at globally recognized institutions. His tenure at Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paulo focused on Burn Unit care, while his time at Hospital Universitario Mayor de Mederi in Bogotá emphasized Elective and Emergency Surgery. His contributions in fields like Cancer Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery are particularly commendable.

Scholarly Contributions:

Beyond his clinical prowess, Dr. Van der Linde is a respected academic, having authored several articles that contribute to the medical community’s collective knowledge and enhance patient care practices.

Community Engagement & Professional Development:

Dr. Van der Linde’s commitment extends beyond the operating room. His active participation in Red Cross initiatives, international medical exchanges, and speaking engagements at numerous conferences underscores his dedication to community service and professional growth.

Dr. Patrick Van der Linde’s arrival at Aruba Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Clinic signals a new era of surgical excellence and patient-centered care. From reconstructive to aesthetic procedures, his expertise is a cornerstone of our promise to deliver unparalleled medical services.

Experience the pinnacle of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery with Dr. Patrick Van der Linde. Book your consultation today and step into a world of aesthetic transformation and expert surgical care.